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🍑 **Peach’s Crystals Rhinestone FAQ** 🍑
**What kind of rhinestones are these?**
 Eli sells glass and resin flat back rhinestones.
**What kind should I use?** 
Any kind works great for any project! Glass costs more but is a bit more shiny. Resin is still shiny but more affordable! Keep in mind, any AB finish can rub off with constant handling. 
**Are these hot-fixed?** 
No, you need an adhesive to apply these. 
**What glue should I use?** 
Eli likes to use Krystal Glaze mostly, but also uses Liquid Fusion (Krystal Glaze has a 10% off link in her TikTok Linkpop in her bio). 
**What is AB?** 
Aurora Borealis- it is an iridescent finish on top of the rhinestones. 
**What size are these?** 
‘Live Scoops’ are 3,4 and 5mm mixed for resin & ss12,16 and 20 for glass. She sells 2,3,4 and 5mm individual sizes, along with ss8,12,16 and 20 in glass. 
**What size does ss equal to in mm?**
•ss10 = 2.6 – 2.8mm 
•ss12 = 3mm
•ss16 = 3.6 – 3.9mm (rounded to 4mm) 
•ss20 = 4.8mm (rounded to 5mm)  
**What is a wax pencil?** 
It is a pencil made of wax that helps you pick up rhinestones to apply to your project (you can sharpen with a pencil sharpener). 
**How do I prep my project?** 
Most projects you’ll want to sand with a low grit sandpaper or nail file and wipe down with 100% alcohol. 
**Where can I buy?** or there is a link to her site in her TikTok Linkpop in bio.
**Can I wash my rhinestoned items?** 
Very gently hand wash. They don’t hold up well in the dishwasher! 
**What can I use these for?** 
Anything really! But don’t use on your teeth! Some examples are; tumblers, phone cases, pens, shoes, nail art, makeup looks, DIY etc. 
**How many rhinestones will I need?** 
It depends on a lot of factors! The easiest way to figure it out is a Google search! Rhinestone Guy, LLC has a calculator for an estimate at  
**Where do you ship?** 
She ships worldwide! 
**Are you in the United States?** 
Yes! She ships out of Nevada.
**Do you do all orders on live?** 
Only the ‘Live Scoops’, all others are packed off live. 
**When will you ship out my order?**
‘Live Scoops’ will be shipped out the next day or day after next. Orders with individual sizes will be shipped out within 5-7 *business days* depending on how many orders she has. How fast it gets to you depends on where you live and shipping speed you picked at checkout. 
**What is the difference between jelly, resin, chalk and glass rhinestones?** 
**Glass**: made of glass and shinier but more expensive. **Resin**: made of resin and made to look like glass, cheaper than glass. 
**Jelly**: type of resin rhinestone but is opaque and has AB (AB is an iridescent finish). 
**Chalk**: type of resin rhinestone but is opaque, like jelly, with no AB finish.
**What’s the price?**
‘Live Scoops’ start at $2.99 for 2 scoops- always check her site for sales and prices on specific items!
**How many colors do you have?**
Over 100 and always adding new ones! 
**Where did you get your rhinestone sorter?** 
Swamp Witches Inc. You can check him out on TikTok and/or go to his website at 
**How many rhinestones are in a scoop?** 
There are ~400 per scoop
**Where can I find certain rhinestones/items on your website?**
At the very top, there is a magnifying glass and you can type in anything to find what you need. For example; if you want to see all the pink rhinestones, type in ‘pink’.